Monday, August 25, 2008

The best Birthday Ever...

Yesterday was my 26th birthday... not too big of a deal, but I was hoping something great would happen. Well, it did!
We were at the first service of church. After worship, our pastor got up and said God had something big planned for today, something out of the ordinary. We had a little more worship and then Pastor Brad gave a very short message. At the end he started talking about baptisms in bible times. "They didn't bring their bathing suits to a planned baptism. They just decided spur of the moment that they were going to be baptized, and they did it right then." So that's what he wanted to do today! He went on to say that if you have ever made a new commitment to God, if you felt the Holy Spirit leading you to a new start, then this is your opportunity to make the public statement.
Right when he bagan talking about it all, I felt a jump in my spirit and knew that He was talking to me. This was for me today! I turned to my loving husband and told him I was going to be baptized today. He said, "You are?" "Yes, I need to show the change that happened in my life years ago, and this is the first time that I feel like God is leading me to do it."
The Holy Spirit was leading it this time, it wasn't planned, it wasn't a show, it was full of heart... It was my time!
With a few minutes left in service, the sanctuary was empty. Everyone was outside in front of the church at the fountain. I walked up, took off my shoes, necklace and earings and said " I'm first!" Pastor Brad got in, and I followed close behind. The water was warm and it felt so perfect to be there, right then.
Then he said a few things I don't even remember and... I came back up with tears in my eyes. This was my outward expression of what happened in my heart back in college. I thanked him and got out. I was in my church clothes, soaked all the way through, and I didn't care!
It was the best birthday gift I could have ever recieved!


Rebekah Michaele said...

that is awesome tiffany!!
happy birthday :)

Anonymous said...

that is amazing! God gives the best gifts! My heart is so joyful at that story!!!

Jen said...

WOW!This is a great story!