Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Target and Walgreens

I had my little helper pose with the great deals I got today...
I had $3 RR that I really wanted to spend, so I took advantage of the Johnson and Johnson body wash BOGO (especially since i was almost out at home) and I had tow $1 Qs. I had to add two more piddly things that were $.24 each that will end up being part of a birthday gift for this weekend.
The total OOP was $1.59!!!

Target- Paired their sales with their coupons plus Manufacturer Qs.
Bounce bars $3.74- 1.50 Q- 1 Q
Tide Stain release $3.24- 1.50 Q- 1.00 Q
All Small & Mighty travel size $1.02 - $1 Q
Tide travel size $.97 - $.75 Q
Crystal Light travel size by checkout $.68 Clearanced- $2/2 Q
Total OOP $4.50
So excited about all these items. The travel laundry soap will be great for when we are out of town or vacations. These are things I would love to buy, but never for the price they usually are!
So much fun, as I took the change from the guy at Target I told Selah "Momma did good today!" he just looked at me and grinned almost in shock of what he had just seen.... and heard!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Late Kroger trip...

After our first Financial Peace class last night, we made a quick trip to kroger for some ilk, fruit, and bread. I also saw a good deal on purex detergent that I wanted to take advantage of.

Purex- 2 for $5, plus a free Clorox Bleach
2 Qs for .35 ( they actually tripled both)
.50 Q for bleach
made them .95 each!!!

Who gets liquid laundry detergent for $.95!!! And it smells like linen and lillies!! haha

Friday, September 11, 2009

Great Deal

Just thought i would fill some of you in on a great deal, not sure how long this will last, but i definitely took advantage of it with our anniversary coming up! Click the title of this post to go to the website, it's for very reduced prices on restaurant gift cards.


is a rainy Friday, kinda lazy. I snapped this quick photo this morning of my girls enjoying some sister time while they watched a movie together.
So sweet.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun Friday!

Last Friday we had quite an exciting day. We first had a very invigorating time taking cousin pictures with Faith Ann and Penney's.... and yes Ashley and I made fools of ourselves! And yes, we bribed with Chuck E. Cheese. At least we got one good picture from it all.
So, we headed down the street to visit the big mouse.... the pics above are some of Selah's favorite things to do there.
After that, we headed out to my parent's place. The High School was having their first pep rally and Heatherle (my brother's girlfriend) was singing the national anthem.... She did awesome and brought tears to my eyes.

We then went home, because I was pooped!