Monday, March 30, 2009


As you can see, Selah is feeling much better, or at least well enough to model her new clothes from Aunt Liz. Now, keep in mind, we didn't coach her at all on this except to look at the camera and smile.
She is such a ham!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a joy it is....

to see my child eat a full meal again!
Selah is doing much better since our return from the ER a few days ago. She has eaten four meals and is drinking plenty of water. She even gets up to play for little spurts of time, but poops out quickly and lays back down on the couch to rest up.
I am just so glad to see her getting her strength back. She was to the point of not being able to hold her head up or even open her eyes. She had lost 2 1/2 pounds from Friday morning to Monday night, and her eyes were all sunken in and dark. It was the saddest thing, and there was nothing I could do to help her. I am so thankful for doctors and their knowledge. The ER doctor didn't even have to give her and IV. He just gave Selah a disintegrating pill to keep her from throwing up. She kept everything down the rest of the night!
So, thank you all for your prayers for Selah, she is doing much better and improving each day!
And I have included a new picture of me and baby Rinnah at 27 weeks (close to 28)!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick Update...

Here's a quick update on Selah....
She started throwing up yesterday and it has continued all day today. I just got off the phone with the doctor and they advised I take her into the ER so she could get some fluids and they can also give her something to stop the vomiting. She is so puny and you can tell she is just miserable and wants to feel better, but just can't make it happen on her own.
Please be praying for our little girl. We are all exhausted and is causing a vicious cycle.
Thanks everyone for checking in.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


It seems that we are all three recovering from Selah's surgery. We were at the hospital all day yesterday, and Selah did great. She is such a tough little girl, definately from her Daddy. When they first called us back to the pre-op room, I was still a little anxious. The nurses back there were very nice, one of them even gave Selah a little stuffed puppy ( I'm not sure how she knew Selah loves puppy's).
They gave Selah a little drink to calm her down and maake her a little loopy... and did it ever! She was talking about who knows what, slurring, and had a very hard time keeping her head steady. She kept telling us all "I okay...". I knew she was not going to know the difference what happened in the next hour or more, so it helped me to be less anxious.
When they took her back to the OR, I only shed a few small tears.
From the time they started, it only took 8 minutes to finish the surgery. Wow! Who knew that such a short surgery could cause such a little girl such pain.
It wasn't until two hours later that we even got to see her though... That was very hard. All I wanted to do was hold my little girl, but we had to wait until they had a clean room for her!
They came pushing her bundled like a little ball holding bunny, her new puppy, and an orange popsicle. It took her awhile to wake up better.
When the nurses came in to check all her vitals and stuff, they were hooked by her charm instantly. One asked to take her blood pressure and Selah stuck her arm out and said "sure." She took all her medicine so good and rested in bed watching cartoons. We did have many sweet visitors.
The doctor came in to check on her and we decided to go home, that was about 5:30 or so. Selah had fallen asleep by the time the nurse came in to take out her IV and sign us out. Nurse Stephanie took her IV out and Selah slept through it all! I was so happy, because that can be pretty painful. Stephanie told us our morning nurse had called once she was home to check on "her girl."
We got home and battled over giving meds and drinking anything... There was little sleep and more battling over meds this morning.
It's past noon now and Selah is wanting to eat some and play outside!
Praise God for our Sweet little girl, what a Blessing she always is!
Oh, enjoy this pic of our little girl a little woozy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Visiting Stoney and Ali in Kentucky!

This week was our Spring Break, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to visit family! Brother-in-law, Stoney, is stationed in Kentucky for only another month or so, and we really wanted to visit them before they moved.
It was a long drive, and a short stay, but was completely worth every bit of it. Sunday afternoon Stoney and Ali took us into Louisville for the day to some of their favorite places. One of them is now my favorite.... Coco's Chocolate Cafe! We had chocolate fondue with strawberries, angel food cake, and rice crispie treats. And then we had the most amazing drink in the world... drinking chocolate. This is like heaven to any woman, I am sure! I just don't know where else you can get chocolate to drink! Just thinking about it makes my mousth water. This is a picture of Selah tasting some of Uncle Stoney's drinking chocolate (his has cayenne pepper in it). She loved it!
Today, Monday, we spent the day in a town on the border of Kentucky and Ohio at the Creation Museum! It was so entertaining and educational, all at the same time. I would recommend anyone go for a visit. I learned so much while there... but God also is challenging me on many things that were revealed to me there. Selah actually loved everything about the museum. They had dinosaurs, a petting zoo, a garden with walking trails, and she was even intrigued by the exhibit! We all enjoyed our time!
This is a picture of us at the front of the exhibit.
I have so much more that I could tell you from our trip, but will just leave you with this final picture of Selah and her new best friend, Daisy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Check this out!

Take a look at this blog. I teach with this girl at Mother's Day Out. She is doing a class in a few weeks to teach us how to save money and I can't wait, but you can probably get a lot of the information from her blog ......
What a great plan, I would love to save my family this kind of money. Think of what you could do with what you don't spend on groceries... pay off debt, buy a cash car, pay cash for vacation. I am so motivated now, I can't wait to learn this technique!
Love all of you and pray God's blessings in all of your lives.