Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So our small group, Deeper, started the Nooma series. I have posted a link to the video we watched Tuesday.
It was amazing. I was in tears and then I realized after a few minutes that the ony two people in the room crying were me and another mom. The vieo talks about God being our father and holding us throguh our storms. If we just trust Him and listen to His voice instead of the wind and rain, then He will carry us out of it. He know the way out.
Sometimes we are so busy worrying about the bad stuff going on in our lives that we can't hear God saying "I love you", " It's okay, I know that way."
so if you are going through a storm and all you can hear is the blowing a crashing storm, STOP. Listen for God's voice, He will tell you the way He wants you to go!