Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year in Review!

Christmas was wonderful! We had a lot of traveling to do, but it was all worth it. We were able to see so many family members that live far off and can't see very often. Selah had a blast playing with cousins.

Micah and Selah playing

But, here we are back at home, getting ready to ring in a new year. I can't believe 2008 is already gone. So much has happened this year. There have been many ups and downs, but I give all Glory to God for bringing us over every hump, through His strength.

Here is a short review:
- Yearning for a place to serve in the body, we bagan working with The Deep.
- Lost Papa James suddenly to an aortic aneurism.
- Granny was diagnosed with lung cancer only 2 months later.
- God provided quickly for our mission trip to Mexico.
- Sleah turned 2.
- I was baptized on my birthday, representing my decision to allow God to lead my life.
- God moved mightily in our lives, teaching us to step out and trust Him.
- Found out Baby #2 is on the way.
- Received news that Granny's cancer had spread.
- Learned what standing in faith was all about.
- Car wreck.
- Joy of God's will being done and resting in His hands throughout this whole year!

One of the biggest lessons I've learned this year is that God knows best for me, and if I am just patient He will work things out better than I could've ever planned!

I pray you find peace and joy in the new year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas (aka Let the mad rush begin!)

It is that time of year, when we should all be recalling the wonderful gift that was born for us before we even existed. However, too soon into the season of giving, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting, buying, traveling, and even complaining. It makes me wonder what has gotten into us all! I am not innocent of these things either. However, I am painfully aware of this sin and pray for some wisdom from God as to how to change things.
Unfortunately, this is our society right now. Even filled with those who love the Lord, this world cannot turn away from this idea of business, selfishness, and me-me-me-ness (I realize that's the same as selfishness, just making a point).
God should be our focus, now and always, not how many lights we can decorate our house with, or how many gits we have under our tree. I do not want my child to grow up only thinking of things she will receive at Christmas-time, but what she can bless someone else with. Selah should be learning to reflect on the blessings she has been given, and praising God for them.
These are the things I want to instill into my children, but how, when the whole world is teaching them otherwise?
All I can do is show her how thankful I am, and give when it is not "normal" to do so. And pray that she will be affected by my actions, and not the world's.
I am so thankful for our health and safety this past year. The Lord has protected us in so many ways and I give him all the Glory!
I am thankful for having this year to spend with Granny, learn from her, and let her know what she means to me.
I am thankful for the provision God blesses us with everyday, that has allowed me to stay home with Selah. It is only through God's strength we have made this an option.
I am thankful that I live in a place where I am free to sit in my home and write this, praising God, and posting it in a way that it can be read by others. I pray it opens your heart to what this season is truly about, and encourages you to praise Him today!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Potty Training, Miracle Cure, and Baby

Selah is getting serious about potty training, finally! The other day she told me she had to go tee tee in the potty. Her diaper was dry and as soon as she sat on the potty, she went! She said," see Mommy, I tee tee." I was so excited, I was almost in tears. I was so proud of her!
She has gone a few more times like this since then.

I was so sick the week of Thanksgiving, my Granny gave me these wrist bands to try. She used them on a cruise because she gets sea sick. They are for traveling and motion sickness, but would you believe they work for morning sickness, too! I didn't think they would work, but I have been perfectly fine since I started wearing them. One evening I took them off because they were getting tight, and about five minutes later I was running to the bathroom!
I recommend them for any woman suffering from morning sickness.

Here is the latest sonogram we have of little Bob Joe. Look really closely... there is a dot right between the legs. Who knows, the name Bob Joe could have worked and made this one a boy!

Well, I hope everyone had a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving. Ours surely was. We spent the week with my Granny. All she wanted this year was to have all her family with her on the holidays. This is her first without Pawpaw, and we are cherishing the time we have with her.
Please take every opportunity you have to tell those you love just how much you do, and tell them what they mean to you!
We are thankful we have the time to do that with Granny, since we missed it with Pawpaw.