Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Friday, February 4, 2011

We've got the fever..

Cabin fever that is.  This is the third day... no, wait, the fourth day that schools have been closed due to the weather and road conditions.  We did get out yesterday for some play time with friends and to get diapers, it was a much needed escape!  But overnight we got about, I don't know, like a foot of snow!  Looks like another day of being indoors, although we will probably head out later to play and build a snowman, maybe.

But I just thought I would share what cabin fever does when it sets in at our house.  We get antsy, very antsy, and begin to dream up some wild ideas.  So this is what the girls have been enjoying, everyday, first thing in the morning....

A homemade play tent, if you couldn't tell.  They ask for it as soon as breakfast is done and play in it through out the day, so fun.  So that got me thinking and searching and I found this...

So cute right!  I found these pictures on a blog here.
It's just like making a table cloth to cover your table.  Then you add whatever embellishments to fit the needs and wants of your kids.  I can't wait to get started on one for the girls, maybe I can have it done for their birthday, haha.  

 To end this post I want to share some photos of outside... 

This was actually from Wednesday.  Ice was accumulating on the windows, inside!

This is our backyard right now.

Looking out the front door.  Just a solid blanket of snow.