Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leaving soon...

Well, Bubba and I will be leaving early tomorrow morning for a mission trip to Mexico. We are going with about 80 or so other people for a week in Saltillo working with a church there to carry-out a VBS program in three colonias. That is during the day. At night there are services for the parents to attend.
This year, however, the Deep will be going to a hang out to minister to the young adults in the city. I am so excited about this ministry opportunity and can't wait to see what God has planned for us there.
I am also a little nervous...I am leaving Selah for a week! I did this last year, but for some reason it is still hard for me. It's hard for others to understand. They tell me to just stay home and not go. But then I would be disobeying what God has told me to do. How easy it would be to stay home and be the one taking care of my child, and know for sure she is being cared for like I would want her to be. But, then, I would also have to answer to the guilt that I am not doing what I know God told me He wanted me to do, and showing little faith in Him to care for Selah while I am gone doing His work.

So, no, I will not disobey...and, no, I will not spend the week dwelling on how Selah is doing... Instead, I will go, joyfully, into the call God has laid out before our family. I pray this gives you faith to do something God has called you to do, no matter how uncomfortable!

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