Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Recent Visit to Lockhart and San Antonio

Last week we spent some time in Lockhart and San Antonio visiting family. Not only that, but we met some of the new additions...Emory Morning Burton and Clara and Jacy Portis.

Selah had a wonderful time at swim lessons with her Aunt PJ while her Daddy was learning all the secrets to the family BBQ sauce....a slight exaggeration on the whole wonderful time thing.

I was actually very thankful for those swim lessons Friday afternoon when Selah fell into the "mosquito pond" ( Trinity's name for the slightly neglected goldfish pond) at Mawmaw's house. Daddy was there to rescue her and pull her out of the slimy water by her shirt tail. He said when he got to her she was blowing bubbles and kicking her legs. As I carried her upstairs to clean the gunk out of her nose, eyes, and hair she sobbed, " I fell wawer...I bwow bubbuws, Mommy...I bwow bubbuws!" I was very proud of her! It was so nice to see everyone and get caught up on the lives we lose track of, but I must say that when we pulled into our driveway on Saturday afternoon, I was relieved!

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