Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FMMT 2008

That stands for Family Mexico Mission Trip...We had an amazing time this past week in Saltillo, Cuahuilla, Mexico. It's close to Monterrey, and in the mountains. The weather was absolutely wonderful. There was always a cool breeze.
I would have to say that the thing that grabbed me on this trip was seeing the power of God. I have never in my life seen God move the way He did while we were there. I have never felt His power in me so much as I did there. It was incredible. I want to have that feeling everyday, for the rest of my life. I don't want to know God any other way than that, anymore.
Here's a little of what we did there...
In the mornings we were split up into three teams, going to three different colonias for VBS. Our site was at La Fragua, and it had the most children. On the last day, we gave over 200 goodie bags away. That's a lot of kids in one small area, for four days. But it was a blast, and we actually had kids accept Jesus as their savior. Awesome!

In the evenings we had services in a few places for adults. James (Bubba) and I were with the Deep group, and we had some great opportunities for outreach at those evening services. The first night we were in probably the poorest place I've ever seen. We had a worship service for this neighborhood with music, testimonies ( I shared mine), and a message ( from my wonderful hubby). There were 150 people standing around us by the time James got up to give his message. And it was one of the best salvation messages I've heard in a long time. We saw people saved that night, as well as some people set free from bondages and oppression. One elderly woman came up to James and me after the service and couldn't stop hugging us and telling us thank you. She said that as soon as we began to pray, she felt free, from something she said has held her for a long time and made her sad and lonely and just trapped. She touched my heart so much.

The next night we had the amazing opportunity to go to a halfway house. But this is not any normal halfway house. When you drove up, it gave the impression of a huge compound, and then you got inside the walls and it was like a utopia. Everything was clean and manicured, which is very uncharacteristic for this part of Mexico. They have very strict rules here, and are always working, cleaning, or going to the church on the grounds. The men couldn't even look at the women, and visa versa, or there was punishment. This place was home to hundreds of men, women, and children, all of which had been involved in the worst crimes you could think of. So needless to say, we were anxious what we would be met with... But after walking into their sanctuary, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and knew God had big plans for us there. We were used in amazing ways that night. This was the place I was speaking of at the beginning when I said God showed His power, and humbly I say, through us.

I have never prayed so hard in my life. I have never danced before God the way I did that night. I have never felt the Spirit of God so strong inside me, and all it could do was pour out on those around. I have never seen hurt, brokenness, and fear melt away from the eyes of some of these women who have been forced into prostitution for so long. And all this with what we perceived as a language barrier. Now I realize that the only language God knows is that of love and compassion for His people.

I tell you all these things for encouragement and that the desire to experience something like this for yourself would grow.
Dios te Bendiga (God Bless You)

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