Tuesday, April 28, 2009

32 Weeks and counting everyday as a blessing!

Well, here we are at 32 weeks and at this point I am grateful each day we are still pregnant. God has gotten us this far, and will take us the rest of the way!
Selah is getting pretty antsy... I think she thinks her mom is boring because all I do is lay around. haha.
I am needing to rest more and it's just too hard for her to understand... Why can't I pick her up, go on a walk, dance with her...
It's hard to tell her no so many times, and then see the disappointment on her face.
Lord give me strength and peace and give Selah an ounce of understanding.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Crazy few days!

So a few evenings ago my braxton hicks contractions started getting way too strong, too many, and was having some abnormal pain with them. My doula (love her!!!) came over and gave me some red raspberry to help the contractions stop so I could rest for the night.
I slept pretty good, but as soon as I woke up and did a few things, the contractions started back.
After a few hours of waiting and counting, I called my doctor and they had me go into the hospital for monitoring.
We were there for about 5 hours! There was not much entertainment until this "wonderful" couple came in, and then it was like listening to the Jerry Springer Show. So sad at the same time, since they were bringing a child into the world.
In our 5 hour stint, they ran many tests and were monitoring the contractions the entire time... they took the monitor off Rinnah a few hours after we got there because she was doing so good. All the tests came back normal... there was no chance of pre-term labor in the next 2 weeks, no dilating, cervix was normal, no bladder infection... but the contractions were still coming.
Then they decided to give me terbutaline, a shot to stop contractions. I didn't contract for an hour and a half, then I guess it wore off because they came back.
After all that, they sent me home and said to take it easy and call my doctor in the morning...
I guess they couldn't figure it out!
After talking to my doctor's nurse today, the conclusion is still the same... rest.
So here I am on the couch watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire, eating some quesadillas, and "resting".

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend... and more!!

We had such a great Easter weekend, which actually started the weekend before Easter. We spent that weekend at Granny's house and had a little egg hunt for Selah and my niece, Faith. They had a great time and really got into it this year!

Selah just loved her dress, she begged me for weeks to wear it... and she was finally able to and wouldn't even look at the camera. She spent the whole day dancing and twirling around, making sure everyone noticed her pretty dress. Our little Princess!

That's me and Selah... and our 30 weeks bellies (she's not showing near as much as me). I am feeling pretty good. I'm not sleeping well, having braxton hicks, and hungry a lot! But am feeling great! HaHa.... well, not quite great, but that's okay, I'm making a baby here...what'd you expect!!
I am feeling so blessed at this point...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Okay, so I am very new to this coupon shopping thing, but am now totally hooked.
Today was my first day to go all out with it. I spent almost 2 hours cutting and sorting the coupons from this past Sunday's paper (it was full of great stuff), and last night looked through all the ads to compare sales and coupons I had that matched them.
After a very full and tiring day at MDO I was close to pulling out of my shopping trip, but made myself go do it, even with Selah (which is advised against doing, no children allowed!).
I was ready with my binder full of coupons, ads, and $20 cash!
And guess what... I came home with change from that $20!

Here's the run down of it all-
3 for $8 General Mills cereals plus a free gallon of milk + 3 $1 off Q= $5
10/10 on Duncan Hines cake mix + $.35 Q tripled= $.10 overage (I got 2 boxes)
3 for $5 Pillsbury items + Q doubled = 6 items for total of 2.51
Kroger Totals- Spent $10.11 Saved $17.82!!!!!!

Schick Xtreme razors sale $4.99 + B1G1 FREE Q + $3 Q = 2 4-packs for under $1.
Vanity Fair 100-pack napkins (had a rain check from last weeks B1G1 FREE) + 2 $.50 Q= under $1 each
Walgreens Totals- Spent $2.14 Saved $15.99!!!!!!!

Basically, I should've spent almost $50 today, but only spent $12.25!!!!

I am not even a professional like the Queen of Sassy Savings (QSS) yet, but I think I did pretty good for my first trip and am so pumped for the next one! I am def. still learning the process, it took 15 minutes almost to check out at Walgreens...LOL!

I love how God brings people in your life at just the right time to teach you how to be a better you! i don't think I would've received this any sooner than now, Thanks Shanna!

I'll keep you posted on any other great trips i have, I am so excited!