Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Millah's Birth Story

I love to hear other women's labor and delivery experiences. Each one is so different and unique. Even the same woman can have such differences between children. This has been my personal experience, and that's why I like to share it with everyone. My prayer is that someone is empowered, encouraged, educated, or just entertained! lol
In case you are new to my blog here is the post from Rinnah's birth. Maybe one day I will have to do one for Selah since she was born before this blog was.
Back to business....
I went to bed on February 9th feeling productive. I had everything ready for the next day. The girls were to have their valentine's day parties at school, so I made sure everything was ready and packed up. Lunches were made, clothes picked out; I even showered and blow dried my hair!
I woke up at about 1 am with a strange feeling. I knew I hadn't wet myself, but I could feel trickling! I sat up and quickly made my way to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet just in time for my water to break, wow, that was a strange feeling.
By the time we got things together here at the house, and our neighbor got over to be with the girls until my sister got here, it was 2 am. We were now beginning our 30 minute drive to the hospital.
On the drive I started timing my contractions. They were exactly 5 minutes apart and lasting one minute. The ride was so nice... no traffic, no rush, peaceful.
We made it to the hospital and I decided we could just park in the parking garage, I was fine to walk across the street... huh, not a great idea. That was one of the really icy, freezing cold weeks here in Dallas. On this particular day, it was colder here than in Alaska!  There was actually still ice on the ground under bridges and stuff. As we walked I slipped a few times, never falling, but making me hurt a bit when I tried to catch myself. And to top it all off, I was wearing flip flops! Crazy, I know, but I didn't want to try to squeeze into tennis shoes or anything.
We checked in, got gowned up, and the nurse started monitoring and running through all the questions. My parents got there about 30 minutes after us, then a few of my good friends a short while later. Angel was going to take pictures, she is a great photographer, and Jenna is just so wonderful I had to have her in there.  I love them both so much and was so glad they could be a part of this experience, they are the best friends I could ever ask for really.
My doctor, a wonderful spirit filled man of God, came in to see how things were going. He checked to see how far I was dilated and that my water had actually broken. It had, and there was meconium. I would have to remain on the monitors to keep track of the babies heart rate to be sure she wasn't distressed. The doctor would also be the one to cut the cord so that the nurses could suction her quickly. I was a little upset, but I understood. I was only 4 cm (also discouraging), but i was 80% effaced and babies head was very low!
By about 3:30 all the questioning was done and I was free to get into whatever position I wanted, as long as the monitor cords could reach (ha). I asked for a birthing ball and for them to get a squat bar ready also. It was such a relief to sit on the ball. I could feel some relief from the contractions in that position and it seemed to move her lower too.
It was such a peaceful time. My family and friends were all there, visiting and encouraging me through each contraction. My dad was in utter amazement at how much things had changed since they had kids.  He kept asking questions about the ball and the squat bar, it really was making me laugh.  Can you believe it, I was in the middle of labor, contractions coming every 3 minutes or so, and I was laughing. 
Laughing at Daddy.

The contractions were very strong and seemed to last longer each time. They were slowly getting closer together. I kept looking over my shoulder to check the heart rate after contractions. Things were going so well.
That's the ball, not my butt!
After a while it started getting hard to focus on my breathing. My wonderful husband was there the whole time, reminding me to breath, squeezing my hips during contractions, and keeping me focused on the fact that we would hold our baby soon! He is the best.
I got up to use the restroom a few times. The nurse would come in to get the monitors back on and check that everything was okay before leaving again. I liked just having the room to ourselves, no one to tell us what we needed to do. I knew what I was doing, and what was good for me. I was committed to this.
Then came the quick change.
I had gone to the bathroom, and while we were in there, I told my hubby that I couldn't do this anymore, it had to be over soon. He reassured me again, as he had so many times already, that God made me for this and that He was going to get me through it. It would end, and with me holding my little baby!
We shuffled into the room, and when the nurse came in I was hit with the strongest of all contractions! I wanted to drop to my knees, it was soooo strong. I told her she needed to check me, I really needed to push. I was trying to get on the bed, but was hit with another strong contraction.
Just as I got on my back, the monitor showed a huge drop in the heart rate, like mid 70s. She quickly called for help. The room was flooded with nurses almost immediately, then another contraction. And then I pushed... oops.
Doctor was called in then, and when he came in I felt so happy... that means I can really push! He checked and I was fully dilated and effaced, ready for pushing for sure.
The next few minutes were very jumbled. They gave me oxygen to help with the babies heart rate, and it seemed like everyone was just flying all over the place. The neo nurses were getting everything ready because once the baby was out they would have to get her quickly to the incubator area and do deep suctioning. The other nurses were all encouraging me through pushing, Angel was clicking away on the camera, mom on one side, and Bub on the other. Jenna and my sister Emily were just hanging out watching the show. Dad had stepped out, best for us all.
Then, her head was out. One more little push, and she was completely out being taken over to be checked out.  Four and half minutes of pushing (we checked for exactly how long on Angel's camera, it really was just 4 and a half minutes!).
I was so happy. She was here. She was healthy.
She was tiny!
They told me her numbers and I was shocked. She was 5 lbs, 6 oz and 19.5 inches long. She was born at 5:20 am on February 10th, only 4 and a half hours after my water broke. And she had a full head of dark hair. Perfect.
Millah Sue, you are so precious.