Monday, November 9, 2009

Train up a child...

We are taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at our church and are loving it. It has already made such an impact in our life and family. Since we started, our debt has been cut in half just from us making decisions to get "gazelle intense!"
One of the things Dave teaches is to train your children young to handle money correctly. We are starting Selah on the jar technique. Any time she is to be rewarded we give her a dollar to put in the see through jar, and she gets to watch it grow and decide how it will be spent wisely. Seeing as I love doing crafts with her, I saw this as an opportunity to "dress up" her jar. She loves it and so do I! And as you can see she already has a dollar in it, because she decide she wanted to help me dust the house and did her room and the guest room.
Moral of this story... allow your children to take ownership of something, they will be more responsible with it.