Friday, November 21, 2008

Just a small bump.

We had our first appointment with the doctor yesterday. Yes, we decided to go with a doctor, be in a hospital, not knowing what kind of birth we are in for. But he is a great doctor and is with us all the way for a natural vag. delivery. He is also a very strong Christian man, and goes to our church. I thought there might be some awkwardness, but it wasn't at all.
We had a sonogram and got to see the baby for the first time. "He" is perfect and looking like pretty funny right now. Selah was with us and we told her to look at the baby on the screen. She looked at us like we were crazy...she didn't see a baby on there! Soon, she'll be able to see it better and I'm sure it will begin to get her excited. But we did see my parents today and I took the printouts and Selah handed them the pictures and told them it was the baby... who really knows what they understand.
I am getting a little bump...I call it my fat-pack. It's not really baby, but I have been eating so much to deter the queasiness that I've gained a little more than I would've liked at this point. I will just have to start working on shaping it all up!
Well, here is one of the pics. The baby is upside-down and the head is on the left end, you can see the arms and legs hanging down.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A wreck and Bed rest!

Well, so much has happened in the past few weeks. Almost two weeks ago Selah and I were in a car accident. It was pretty bad, a double impact thing. A lady, I guess, just wasn't paying attention and pulled out right into us, hitting the back driver-side door. Selah sits on the other side, so Praise the Lord for that! When she hit us, the car spun around and we hit a suburban with the front of the car. Not only did we spin around from the first impact, but the door that was hit flew off of the car. The first thing I saw when we stopped was a huge metal taco folded up in the middle of the road.
Selah didn't freak out until she saw the inside part of the door laying across her lap! She was so good and calmed down when I got her out and held her.
The whole situation was very frustrating. I was driving my mom's car while our van was getting a new engine. The lady's insurance company has taken care of everything so far. I have been going to the chiropractor for some back and neck pain, but have been feeling good from that lately.
Here are some pics of the car!

So, we had just began to get past all the stuff with the wreck when I had some bleeding problems yesterday evening. I did not have any problems with that when I was pregnant with Selah. This was all very unsettling and I was not sure what was happening at the time...
So I talked to my mid-wife and she has me on bed rest for a few days, and that seems to have helped! I woke up this morning with no more bleeding! Praise God! Prayer really does do some much, not to mention giving so much peace in the situation.
I am feeling fine, no cramping or pains. Just really hating having to be off my feet for so long, hence the blog update. I just want to do whatever I can to keep the Bob Joe healthy!
Your prayers are coveted and needed. God Bless.