Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So, I couldn't help but post these adorable pics of my girls being WONDERFUL!!!

I am so glad my mom thought it was a good idea to save my old cheerleading uniforms, even if I didn't at the time. 
Selah thinks it's so much fun to dress up and go around the house doing "cheers".  Now the top says Panthers, but we are Hawk fans in our house now-a-days!  So she runs around yelling "GOOO Hawks!"  Love it.

I guess little Rinnah has watched her sister so much that she's caught on to how you play with baby dolls.

I saw her getting this all together the other day and had to get my camera ready to see what she was coming up with.  I was so surprised when she started giving the baby the bottle! 
Now that's a smart baby!

I can't believe my girls are getting so big.  In just a few weeks they will both have had their birthday and be one year older!  Time flies. Guess that means I'm having fun.

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