Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Pool with Daddy

I have some little fishies in my house!  Both of my girls just love to swim.  This past week we took a trip to the pool and I was able to snap some good shots of them. But first, here's where each of the girls are right now.  This is important, because in a few weeks they will both have swim lessons and I love to mark how much they have learned.
Selah:  will jump off a step and swim underwater about 5 feet to someone standing there.  She loves to put her face under and will kick all over the pool in her ring.
Rinnah:  isn't so sure about this pool thing when we are in the big pool, but wants to walk out to the middle all by herself in the little pool.  She likes to splash and thinks it's funny when she gets it in her face.  She has also learned to blow bubbles!

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