Friday, June 11, 2010

Great gift idea!

Last summer a good friend gave some great gifts to my girls.  I have just now (a year later) gotten brave enough and feel I am able to replicate. It's so easy, in fact, I made five in about 2 hours!  And it's also inexpensive.  You can be very creative or follow the simple steps.  Here are some pics and some instructions to make the most wonderful personalized T-shirts ever!

1.  Print out the letter (or number, or image...) with your preferred font and size.  Cut it out and make sure it fits nicely on the shirt you are using.

2.  Once you have cut the letter out of the paper, trace in backwards on the wrong side of the material.  I used a thin felt tip pen.  It worked great on the material and I could see it to cut the material.  Now cut the material.  I used pinking shearers. Regular scissors would work too.

3. Now pin the material onto the shirt.  The great thing about this project: No need to worry about it being perfect!  The edges are going to fray and look even cuter!

4. Now use your sewing machine to sew the material onto the shirt.  Again, don't worry about perfection! 

I am taking these with us next week to our nieces and my husband's little sisters.  I can't wait to get all the girls in their monogram shirts!  I am now working on some for my own girls.

Thanks for the great gift Amber, and the even better idea!!!


96-9 said...

wonder who those are for! can't wait to see you guys this week.
love you, pj

The Mershawn's said...

You're welsome! And...way to go!! I told you its SO easy:) & fun!! They look super cute!