Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Week of School

The last week of Mother's Day Out is always hectic, but so much fun for the kids.  This year was no different and it started with the end of the year program.  Each class sings some cute little songs and recites a memory verse, well, the older classes at least. 
Here is a picture of the girls before we left for school that morning.  They looked adorable thanks to our special Aunt Liz!
This was the first time Rinnah actually kept a bow in her hair!

The next day at school was the ever-so-popular
fun in the sun day.  This year we even had a theme!
Everything that day had to do with Luau.  The kids love
playing all the games and just having fun!  Selah's favorite
activity was riding bikes and digging in the sand.
In this picture she was waiting very patiently for
her snack, popcorn and a juice pouch! YUMMM!
Yup, that's my prissy little girl.  And I love her for it!

We love our program!  The teachers, curriculum, teachers, crafts, music, chapel, Discovery and Computer... Everything!  We are so blessed to have a place for our kids to go, have interaction with others and be fed the Word and Godly principles... and not to mention they have tuns of fun!!!!!!!

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