Monday, June 7, 2010

The girl's 1st Baseball game!

We had a very fun opportunity to go to a Frisco RoughRiders game last week and had a blast!  I thought it was much better to take the girls there than it would have been to a Ranger game.  It was so family oriented, with little games and contests after each inning.  In fact, Rinnah was asked to participate in one!  It was called Lemon heads and she had to taste some lemon juice and the baby that made the funniest face won... well, she didn't win because I think she might have actually liked it!  Here is a picture of us watching the other babies trying their lemon juice.

Selah liked the game, I think... She actually spent a lot of time sitting with her "good friend" Dylan.  They are too cute and just love to hang out and play.  Here is a great picture I got of the two of them "watching" the game.

It was so hot out there, and the girls would not just sit and watch the game, but overall, I think it was a fun time.  The Riders won, there was a beautiful fireworks display (that Selah freaked about), the food and sodas were free with our tickets....We'll call it a successful family outing!

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