Monday, October 4, 2010

More than just a sticker.

I am excited to share a great product I have found!  I have been sticking them everywhere.  My sister commented the other day that she has seen them on all my stuff!
Well, there's a reason for that.
Mabel's Labels sent me a starter kit of some of their Classic Sticky Labels and I love them!
I have them on sippy cups, lunch gear for the kids, and recently put one on a dish I took to a family reunion.  There is never a mistake as to who the items belong to, the sticker tells you! And as for durability, the sippy cups have been scrubbed over a dozen times.  The label hasn't budged, faded, or worn off a bit.

The company has given me coupons to share with friends, so let me know which products you are interested in and I can pass them along to you.


~SHO~ said...

Those really are great!

Missed you all at dance last night. Hope everything went well yesterday.
Love ya~

kirstin & jordan said...

love the labels!
and LOVE it that you were at Frontier in high school... my husband's family has done YL for 35+ years (his mom is still a volunteer leader), so the ministry has a special place in our hearts.
thanks for voting for the purse, too... so fun!