Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pie anyone?

This week was a big game for the Rockwall Heath Hawks football team.  It was the I-30 Classic, a showdown between Rockwall's two high schools.  We were a favorite to win, especially in our house.  We headed to the game last night in our red and black.  But alas, the hawks were overcome by the jacket offense.  We lost 51 to 52, sad.
But we did have one winner in our house yesterday.  The girls and I made a trip to the school yesterday morning for the pep-rally.  I thought it would be fun, plus I knew there was going to be a fun surprise.
All week the students had been putting money in jars as a fundraiser.  Mr. James Portis's name was on one of those jars.  And yesterday, he got a pie in the face for it!
Getting pied.

Eating the pie off his face!
This last picture is what makes me so proud of my husband.  The students love him so much that they chose him to get a pie in the face... I know, weird, but that's just how teenagers are I guess.  And, if you notice, he's wearing a football jersey.  That's because each week the football players get to choose a teacher to wear their jersey.  My man has been asked to wear a jersey for like three weeks in a row!  I love that he loves what he does.  I love that he is good at it.  And I love that he is making a difference.
You are my hero babe.

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