Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long time, no see...

It had been... well, a long time, since we had seen Stoney.  He told us he was making an impromptu trip to San Antonio to visit the most special Mawmaw, and we thought what an opportunity!  We would get to visit him and Mawmaw all at the same time!  Wonderful plan!!!
We couldn't have had a better time than we did that weekend.  It included Mi Tierras, dressing up in Mawmaw's dresses and wigs, and just plain old silliness.  Here are some pics of our time there.
Beautiful Hair Rinnah!


The Portis and Burton girls with Mawmaw.

These girls love their Uncle Stoney!!

Rinnah enjoyed her time (eating) with Mawmaw.

Awww, now that's love right there.

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