Thursday, October 6, 2011

Selah lately

Selah is getting so big, so smart, so pre-teen acting.
So big- ummm, Kindergarten!? yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I can't believe that 6 years ago i was just finding out that I was pregnant with her, and now... She is doing homework, making her bed, teaching her little sister how to color in the lines.
So smart- Well, she is reading... it's still kind of spotty, but she can read some basic words, and small books. And this was the conversation she had yesterday. Daddy- Selah, you can get in your bed for story time, or you will not have a story tonight.  Those are your choices.  Selah- uggghhh! Why do we have to make decisions and have rules?  Daddy- We just do.  Selah- Well, California doesn't have rules!
Smart girl.
So pre-teen acting- Well, she has had some little... umm, outbursts.  Yeah, that's the nicest way that I can put it.  She is just using her words so well.... I guess. She may say them at a much higher volume, and it usually ends with a slamming door (which I absolutely hate) and then I usually get angry.... sigh.
Pray for me.

I am still so proud of how much she had learned and grown.  The last few months she has been asking to be baptized.  We are praying about it, and going through a workbook with her to help her understand what it really means and make sure she is really ready.  We are so proud of her that she wants to make that decision for herself and her life.  She will make an eternal difference in this world, I know.

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