Monday, October 3, 2011

Rinnah lately

Rinnah has began a new year at MDO, and she just loves it.  She might cry for a few minutes when I drop her off, but then she is fine and has a great day.  One day as we were driving there, I asked what she was going to do at school, and she replied "Play my friends!" When i asked her who her friends were she told me "Crys and Jenn." Those are her teachers.  She loves them.
Rinnah also started dance class this year!  She gets to go with her best friend Mercy, they have so much fun together.   She was just happy she got to do something that Selah was getting to do.
Rinnah used to be so soft spoken, especially when you asked her to say something.  She would whisper almost everything.  Well, not anymore.  She is so talkative, and her vocabulary is growing almost everyday.  I love to hear what she has to say because most of the time it makes me laugh.  She is my little joker.  Her favorite thing in response to bed time, shower time, clean up time, leaving time... "Two minutes, Mommy, two minutes. Okay?"

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