Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not a retro housewife...

A few days ago, I had the most eventful day... probably ever.  It started with some frustration over getting prescription filled.  Why can't it just get done when they say it's going to get done?
That started my day off, well, just wrong.  This was after 10 days of sick kids, being in the house day after day after day... you know how it goes.  Trying not to spread our germs around.
I was ready to be out of the house, back to our routine, but Millah still had this cough that made her face turn red.  So, we were waiting for the prescription.  I ended up being gone all day, working at MDO, waiting for the pharmacy to call and say I could come get the meds.  By the time we got home and got homework started and dinner going and Millah took a breathing treatment, I was done, just done.
While I was doing some picking up around in the living room I realized there was no noise from the 2 little girls.  I looked in their room but they weren't there, but the bathroom door.... was.... shut!  Knock, knock... Rinn, are you in there?
Mommy, I tan't open door, help me.
Then I hear Millah... shuffle, wimper.
Are. You. Kidding. Me.
Lights off, door locked, baby crying, toddler consoling (but I'm sure stepping all over baby), MOM FREAKING OUT!
I started rummaging through all the drawers, tool boxes and bags.  None of the screw drivers I found fit the little hole to unlock the stinkin' door!  The bobby pin just bent up and wasn't strong enough.  I think I called the daddy 3 times with no answer.  Finally I texted him 9-1-1. 
Selah came to the rescue, sweet big sister.  She bent down and started talking and singing to the littles.  Millah calmed down, Rinnah finally got the light on, but still couldn't figure out how to unlock the door.  I just stopped.  Prayed. Then took the screw driver closest to me and go the door knob off in record time.
My babies were out!
Finally I could rest and relax, and be done with this day.
No, maybe not.
After dinner, the daddy had a great idea to clean our baking stone in the oven on self cleaner.  Sure, that should work great, I thought.
After getting that started we began our bed time routine.  Pjs, potty, stories... what's that smell.
When I came around the corner I could see the smoke billowing out of the top of the stove.  Then I saw the flames... in the oven!  I started yelling.... FIRE, FIRE, HURRY!!!!
I reached over and quickly turned the oven off, but funny thing about the self cleaner.  It locks the door until it is cooled off.  Thankfully the fire burned itself out very quickly.
But by that time the house was full of smoke!  It was horrible.
We spent the next hour or so outside.  All the windows and doors were open, the fans on, and oust was sprayed.
Still today, it smelt a little like smoke when we got home from church.

I was so ready for bed that night, and even more ready for a new day.
It's funny how days like that happen and you are reminded just how you don't have any control over what happens.  I am so humbled, and rely so much on God to keep my babies safe and protected, and to make sure we are provided for with a home and anything we need.  Just humbled.

*Update:  James switched the bathroom and closet doorknobs, so now the closet locks from the outside!  Yes, we can lock our kids in the closet instead of them locking themselves in the bathroom. 
We threw the baking stone away.

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