Monday, September 27, 2010

KCWC ending

The last few days of this challenge were a bit of a blur, as most of my weekends are.  One day I was not feeling well, another I was in desperate need of groceries and things of that nature.  In all, I really only had a few hours over a four day period to put towards this challenge.  I used my time wisely though, and made four adorable zipper bags found on Dana's blog here.  She does a great job on her tutorials and I absolutely love the pictures she puts along with them.  I ended up using the vinyl in my bags.  It's great for wet things, sticky treats, and makes cleaning a cinch.
 On my first few I made some mistakes and had to rip seams ans start over.  I hate when you get a ruffle backwards, or seams that don't catch.... always puts me in a bad mood.  But once I got the hang of the steps, I could finish one bag in about 15 minutes.  Such a quick and fun gift!  I filled them with some treats and we gave them for presents at the 4 birthdays we had this weekend.
It was fun and I will definitely keep these on the list for future gifts.

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