Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Selah's News!

Well, you heard it! Right now, as I type, she is in there going potty!
I am so proud of her for learning so quickly.
It all started last Thursday morning when she woke up with a dry diaper. I asked in a very excited voice if she wanted to go teetee on the potty.... no, of course she didn't. She threw a huge fit that I even asked her that question. I went on the tell her that we were almost out of diapers and they weren't going to make anymore for her, they had to save them for the babies. She told me that she would just wear panties then.... So she knows that panties are the next step.
Then I asked her where she would teetee if she was wearing panties.... "In the potty, Mommy" she answered very matter-of-factly.
She gets it, I thought to myself.
That day I was taking her to MDO, and taking a day off for myself. While there I asked some experienced mother's their opinion and told them my converstaion with Selah that morning. They told me I would be crazy to buy anymore diapers! She was playing me for a fool!
So, I didn't... well, I did buy some "night-time diapers" (regular diapers, we just told her they could only be worn when you sleep).
And since then she has been wearing panties all day except for nap and night!
The first few days were rough. There were many accidents, like 5 or 6. But by Monday she was going all day in the same panties, and this morning she has told me ever single time she had to go.
Oh, we also pbribe her with M&Ms for successful potty trips.

I have turned into the parent I always said I would never be.... I have lied to and bribed my child for the last 5 days.... but it works!


The Mershawn's said...

Ha! You've got me cracking up!! Whatever works, right??? Now, forever, she'll be plagued with, why don't they make diapers any bigger than that?:) hehe j/k!

Way to go Selah, and way to go Tiffani!! I'll be coming to you for pointers before long, I'm SURE! Ugh! Very exciting times in the Portis household!

matt & pj said...

Congrats! I know this WONDERFUL feeling. Love and Kisses, Auntie PJ