Tuesday, April 28, 2009

32 Weeks and counting everyday as a blessing!

Well, here we are at 32 weeks and at this point I am grateful each day we are still pregnant. God has gotten us this far, and will take us the rest of the way!
Selah is getting pretty antsy... I think she thinks her mom is boring because all I do is lay around. haha.
I am needing to rest more and it's just too hard for her to understand... Why can't I pick her up, go on a walk, dance with her...
It's hard to tell her no so many times, and then see the disappointment on her face.
Lord give me strength and peace and give Selah an ounce of understanding.

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The Mershawn's said...

You poor girl:(!! I'll be praying for that ounce of understanding too. I know that must be rough. Just remember, in a few months all will be well again, and Selah will be none the worse for it:).
I bought Parker's Easter basket last year too. I liked that it was soft and small, like her:). And, I know, next year's egg hunt will be all too different!!! Ugh!:)