Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a joy it is....

to see my child eat a full meal again!
Selah is doing much better since our return from the ER a few days ago. She has eaten four meals and is drinking plenty of water. She even gets up to play for little spurts of time, but poops out quickly and lays back down on the couch to rest up.
I am just so glad to see her getting her strength back. She was to the point of not being able to hold her head up or even open her eyes. She had lost 2 1/2 pounds from Friday morning to Monday night, and her eyes were all sunken in and dark. It was the saddest thing, and there was nothing I could do to help her. I am so thankful for doctors and their knowledge. The ER doctor didn't even have to give her and IV. He just gave Selah a disintegrating pill to keep her from throwing up. She kept everything down the rest of the night!
So, thank you all for your prayers for Selah, she is doing much better and improving each day!
And I have included a new picture of me and baby Rinnah at 27 weeks (close to 28)!


Jen said...

YOU LOOK GREAT! I was already so big at 27 weeks. I am glad she is doing so much better :)

The Mershawn's said...

Yay! I'm so glad she's better. Poor baby, and poor you. Ugh! No fun. And, girl, you do look good! Not much of a belly there at all:).