Saturday, March 21, 2009


It seems that we are all three recovering from Selah's surgery. We were at the hospital all day yesterday, and Selah did great. She is such a tough little girl, definately from her Daddy. When they first called us back to the pre-op room, I was still a little anxious. The nurses back there were very nice, one of them even gave Selah a little stuffed puppy ( I'm not sure how she knew Selah loves puppy's).
They gave Selah a little drink to calm her down and maake her a little loopy... and did it ever! She was talking about who knows what, slurring, and had a very hard time keeping her head steady. She kept telling us all "I okay...". I knew she was not going to know the difference what happened in the next hour or more, so it helped me to be less anxious.
When they took her back to the OR, I only shed a few small tears.
From the time they started, it only took 8 minutes to finish the surgery. Wow! Who knew that such a short surgery could cause such a little girl such pain.
It wasn't until two hours later that we even got to see her though... That was very hard. All I wanted to do was hold my little girl, but we had to wait until they had a clean room for her!
They came pushing her bundled like a little ball holding bunny, her new puppy, and an orange popsicle. It took her awhile to wake up better.
When the nurses came in to check all her vitals and stuff, they were hooked by her charm instantly. One asked to take her blood pressure and Selah stuck her arm out and said "sure." She took all her medicine so good and rested in bed watching cartoons. We did have many sweet visitors.
The doctor came in to check on her and we decided to go home, that was about 5:30 or so. Selah had fallen asleep by the time the nurse came in to take out her IV and sign us out. Nurse Stephanie took her IV out and Selah slept through it all! I was so happy, because that can be pretty painful. Stephanie told us our morning nurse had called once she was home to check on "her girl."
We got home and battled over giving meds and drinking anything... There was little sleep and more battling over meds this morning.
It's past noon now and Selah is wanting to eat some and play outside!
Praise God for our Sweet little girl, what a Blessing she always is!
Oh, enjoy this pic of our little girl a little woozy!


The Mershawn's said...

I'm so glad she did so well. So sad looking at that baby all bandaged and sitting in a hospital bed. I'm sure you're both glad its over! Way to go, holding it together...that had to be rough. But, knowing now, that she's going to be so much better off has got to be great! Glad she's recovered so well too:). Give her a big hug!

Alison Portis said...

We're so happy that everything went well. Thanks for keeping us posted. Give Selah a big hug and kiss from Stoney, Daisy, and I. PS...We love your new blog header. :)

matt & pj said...

so glad to hear how selah is doing. please keep us posted...maybe you should post about her tomorrow so we can all have an update and a happier photo. hope you are holding up too. love and miss you all so much.