Friday, February 6, 2009

An unknown Memory

My sister-in-law posted this on her blog today in memory of her mother, Lori Portis. She died of Leukemia over 11 years ago. I'm sure this post wasn't meant to be for anyone in particular, and I'm sure it was just something on her heart that she felt she needed to say....PJ, you will never know what a blessing it is to hear these things.
I never met her, and neither will my children. We make sure Selah knows she will meet her wonderful Grandma Lori in heaven one day, and always welcome stories to tell. I have no memories of her, so the only things I know to share are those unknown to me until they are told by someone who knows them. So if you have anything to share about Selah's Grandma Lori, please do so, like PJ did. And take every opportunity to share with someone about a loved one you lost, they may need to hear it, and you may need to tell it.
click here to read PJ's post.

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