Monday, September 29, 2008

Blessed with a visit from the Burtons

This past Wednesday, My wonderful sister-in-law came in town with her hubby and three beautiful girls. They stayed with us for two nights, and it was so much fun!
Wednesday night we had dinner here at the house and then let the girls dance around the house to Newworldson for awhile. They were all so cute.. Trinity, 7, Micah 2 1/2, Selah, 3 months behind Micah, and little Emery, 7 months. They all loved the music and were dancing like crazy, even Emery.

Once all the girls were "asleep", the adults "relaxed" and watched a movie (non-animated).

The next day was Thursday, so once Selah and I got home from MDO, PJ and I took all the girls except Emery to the pool in our neighborhood. They swam longer than I thought they would considering it wasn't all that warm outside, but they had a great time.
I had to leave before they were done, so Pj and Matt took their kids and Selah to dinner at Grandy's and then to the Harbor. They got ice cream at Cold Stone, then walked down and got to enjoy some music by the lake. I think Selah really enjoyed having so much time with Trinity and Micah.
And Bubba and I loved having them all here for a few days, we love you guys and miss you when we are apart. We pray God's Blessings over your family and your ministry!

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Rebekah Michaele said...

yes ma'am. $174 worth of a ticket. :'(