Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My (easy) chicken pot pie

I have one recipe, one meal, that I have made it a habit of making when I take a meal to a family.  It's the easiest but yummiest chicken pot pie.  I have made a quadruple recipe before when I had several families to prepare for.  It is also fairly inexpensive.
So here it is.....
frozen chicken breast (how many depends on your taste, the more chicken you want in your pie the more you should cook.) use a kitchen knife and cute your chicken into cubes.
bag of frozen mixed vegetables
can of cream of chicken soup
chicken stock or bouillon cubes
8 oz. sour cream
2 frozen pie shells (they come 2 per package)
flour (this is for thickening, so I just sprinkle until it's where I like it)

1. In your crock pot cook your chicken, soup, vegetables, and stock.  I like to put this on in the morning, on low, and it's usually done early in the afternoon.
2. Turn the crock pot on warm and add the sour cream.  Once that is mixed in begin to add flour a little at a time until the sauce is thickened.
3.  Add the filling into the bottom pie shell, top with the second pie shell.  Pinch the edges all the way around, and piece a few holes in the top.  Bake according to directions for the pie shell, maybe adding a few minutes.

Tada!!! Enjoy yourself a nice dinner that even the kids will love.  I like to pair this dinner with brownies from scratch.  Makes a yummy combination!

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