Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The gift that keeps on giving

Last summer we received the most wonderful gift from a very special woman (Aunt Liz)!!  She gave us a family membership to the zoo.  We have been several times, and the girls have loved every moment of it.
 The really neat part is that we can take friends along for the fun too.  Once we took our best friends little girl.  Mercy and Rinnah are the same age and had a great time running around looking at all the animals.
This trip was extra special since we took three people with us!  Aunt Ash, Aunt Emi, and cousin Faith met us there and we jumped in with all 16 feet!
We didn't get to see all the animals, but got to ride the monorail and the carousel.  The girls all had a blast.  And they are already asking to go back.

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