Monday, February 13, 2012

Millah turns 1

Oh, sweet, little Millah Sue!  I can't believe you are one year old already.  This year has gone so fast, I wish I had taken more time to record every moment of it!  That first smile, those sleepless nights, when you learned to sit up.  It was all so special, just like you!  We celebrated your birthday this weekend with family and close friends.  It was so fun!
The theme was "tiny" ( just like you!) and everything was rainbow colors.  I loved that because a rainbow signifies the promises of God.  God made a promise to me many years ago, so it just worked.
If you want to know more about His promise in my life you can read this post and this one.
Back to the birthday girl....

You have gotten such a personality, even in the past few weeks.  The faces you make just crack me up.  And it's like you know if and do them just to get a reaction.

Party favors- rainbow colored homemade play-doh.

Your sisters love you so much and you love them too.  You miss them when they are away, and look for them each morning to give them your sweet smile.

Teeth- you have about 6 now, they started coming in when you were about 6 or 7 months.  You sure do know how to use them too! 

Your first words: bye-bye, dada, mama. But you sure do make lots of noises, squeals, and love to blow raspberries. 

One very funny (or embarrassing) fact is that you do everything with your middle finger, instead of your pointer finger.  And I think you may be left handed.

We are so thankful that God gave you to us.  What would we do without you in our lives?  I love watching you learn and grow.  Right now you are only days away from running a marathon... okay, not really.  But you will take 2 or 3 steps on your own before you ease your way back down to the floor.
And for being such a tiny thing, you sure can eat!  If you are awake, you want to be eating.  It's just not right.
We love you baby girl!  Can't wait to see what you learn next!


mattandpj said...

Happy Birthday MIss MILLAH!! We can't wait to see you next. Tell your big sisters hello and we love them too. Kisses-Auntie PJ

Danny*Chelle*Haylie said...

Such a cute party!! You did such a great job!! (You really are good at that!!) Happy birthday to Millah!

The Mershawn's said...

Happy Birthday little Millah:)! You are the cutest little thing...