Friday, September 9, 2011


The family celebrated my birthday at a fun mongolian grill, you know the one.  First, let me say this, it was the last time we will go out to eat for one of our (mommy and daddy) birthdays.  There was not much enjoyable about coralling 3 little girls while trying to enjoy a birthday dinner.  I might as well have had to cook dinner, then clean it all up.  With that being said, I will go on with my post.
The girls were hesitant at first, but then they got to choose whatever they wanted to put in their bowl.  That's always a plus.  And then, the chopsticks!

Rinnah really tried, but most of it fell in her lap.  She did get a few bites, then went back to the fork.

Selah actually did really good!  I was impressed.

Millah had some peas.
 All in all, a wonderful birthday.  I am so blessed.  I will say that every year I am still on this earth.  God has given me everything I could want and even ask for....
Maybe I should be more extravagant with my requests from now on ;)
BTW, who knows what movie the title of this post is from?

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