Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Floors

When we moved into this house, 4 years ago, I knew that one day we would be changing the floors.  No one wants carpet under their kitchen table! And especially no one with young children. About a month ago, the process began for that dream to become a reality.
The carpet under the kitchen table... nasty.
The concrete!  Progress.
More progress.
Yay! New hard floors!!!
Part of the carpet removed from the living room.
We lived on concrete for about a month... but it was so worth it!

My wonderful handy-man husband did it all, with a little help from a friend.
Looking good.
Finished living room, with some of the furniture and a lot of toys.

Living room into the entry hall.

Hallway just concrete.

New floors in the hall.
 I am so in love with these floors already.  It took a few months to get them down once we began the process, but it was worth the wait.  We still lack the base boards and the transition strips, but atleast the carpet is gone!
Thanks Bub, for all your hard work... you are the best!


~SHO~ said...

I love them! Looks great!

The Mershawn's said...

Looks good girl! No more vacuum, bring on the broom;)!! Y'all did a great job...