Thursday, June 9, 2011

My rambunctious one

Is that even how you spell that word... I have no idea.  But that's just what she is, my wild and crazy little Rinnah Lorraine!
I love her energy, her smile, her little lisp.  It makes me smile every single time she does.
See what I mean about that smile.

She is VERY high fashion.

She loves this little car at mama J and Pops house.

What a great big sister!  She loves her baby.

Rinnah and Mercy are 6 months apart and such sweet friends.

Silly girls.  I found them in Rinnah's crib with stacks of books around them.

This was just the other day.  She had a great time swimming with Aunt Emily.
  I just love that girl, it's that simple.

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The Mershawn's said...

And...her big sis is a nut. She looks like a ton of a tiny package:).