Monday, January 31, 2011

The Letter P

Last week was a very fun week at Mother's Day Out for the girls.  The letter of the week was "P", which not only begins our last name (which Selah can spell almost as fast as I can when asked) but also pajamas and pancakes.  Selah was so excited to get up on Thursday morning and not have to change out of her pajamas, and even though she did change her mind, to not even have to eat breakfast!  I'm sure if Rinnah knew the difference she would have been just as excited as her big sister.

They got to school in their pj's and got ready to eat pancakes.  In Rinnah's class the teachers filled the kids plates, but Selah got to pick all her toppings! It was a guaranteed sugar high day.


Alison Portis said...

How fun! Selah is getting so big...she's looking super grown up. That photo of Rinnah made me laugh out loud! :)

Tiff said...

I know, she is getting to big, like a little lady. And Rinn is just a hoot and a half all the time. She really wasn't too sure what was going on. She had eaten breakfast at home, and here we were putting more food in front of her. But she ate it all! She eats like crazy, takes after her daddy, haha.
Love you