Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tube Dudes!

Weeks ago we went to the library for a special event, they had a puppet show.  And it was so cute!  Selah loved it, laughed the entire time.  Since then she has been asking to make tube dudes, on of the puppets this guy had (it was his special name for them).  Well, the other day we finally did it and I got some cute pics of her and Daddy making their very own tube dude!  Rinnah even got in on the craft time a bit too, until she started eating the pencil.  Once the puppets were created, they wowed me with an adorable show!  She has been playing with them ever since.
Selah with all the materials.


Rinnah drew her own picture.                          

Selah and Daddy working hard to create the perfect tube dude.


Tube Dude show at the Portis Home!