Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beaver's Bend trip

Last weekend we spent a few days in Beaver's Bend, Oklahoma.  Selah kelp calling it "Uncle Homa", haha.  She also thought that the only reason we were there was for a big birthday celebration for Pop, my dad.  His birthday was last week, and she connected the two and we all made it an ongoing joke.  And yes, Daddy, your birthday week is over.
So, my parents rented this great little cabin, we had all the food we could eat, and my uncle brought his boat for the lake.  We had a great time!  I can't even think of all the fun or especially funny things that happened (as they always do when this group is together), but it was just a blast!  Unfortunately, I got home with out my camera, and I am just heartbroken about it.  I had some great pics of the trip, but thank goodness I had already gotten all the other pictures off.  So I am just going to give you the low down of some of the best things that happened:
1. Selah tubed behind the boat for the first time... and loved it!!  I got a great video of this, but it's on the camera that I no longer have. boo.
2. The lake was like bath water almost, which is great for me.  I can't stand cold water, so if it were colder I wouldn't have gotten in.
3. We had some great homemade meals thanks to some wise women... us, haha!  We pre-made all our meals and froze them at home.  When we were ready to eat them at the cabin they had already thawed in the fridge and were ready to heat in the oven.  Great meals with no clean up!
4. Had some laughs when the power went out one evening.  It was just starting to get unbearably hot when it all came back on.
5. We went to this fun little shop called "Girls Gone Wine" and had fun just looking through their merchandise.  They also have free wine tasting there, with  some very different flavors.
6. Did I mention we spent a lot of time at the lake.  While some people went on the boat the rest of us would just relax and swim off the bank.  That's where we found all the treasure.  Two pair of sunglasses, one hat, goggles, and countless rocks, sticks, and beer bottles.
7.  Family time!  That was one of the best parts of this whole trip.
8. The greatest part of all was seeing the amazing creation of God's in this Park and lake.  As we were driving through the State Park Selah said the best thing, and those are the words I will leave you with.
"Look at all of God's beautiful creation, wow!"


~SHO~ said...

I'm so glad you all had such a fun trip! That is wonderful and so awesome that Miss Selah Sue recognizes God's work at such a young age. Praise Him!

~SHO~ said...

Total BUMMER on the camera...Sorry.