Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swim lessons 2010

We had the privilege to again take swim lessons from Aunt PJ.  Both the girls did great!  I was so proud of Selah, she looked like a pro out there, hehe.  She loves the water and learned a lot about how to be a better swimmer.

Selah learned how to swim with her face under water, from the deep end to the steps at the shallow end, and can get a ring from the floor in the shallow end.
Rinnah was so brave!  She wanted to just go, as soon as we would get
into the water she was trying to swim out of my arms.  

Rinnah learned how to kick, blow bubbles when her face is in the water, and how to get heads up if she falls into the water!  Well, she's still practicing, but she is doing great.

Thanks PJ.  You are such a blessing.

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