Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dance lessons for Selah

A lady at our church has been a dance teacher for years and has decided to offer free dance classes this summer at the church.  Yes, I said FREE!  We thought this would be a great opportunity for Selah to see if it's something she may want to do with out us having to spend a fortune, because for those of you who don't know, it is sooooo expensive to put your kids in dance! 
The first class, she did so good.  I loved watching her!  She tried to do the things Miss Sarah was teaching her, but her awkward little body just wouldn't obey.  The next class was a bit tougher, she is learning the things she doesn't like to do and runs over to tell me she doesn't like that and wants to sit with me.  We are talking now about committing and participating.  I really want her to understand that she can't do things half-way, and I think she is getting it.  This last class was better and she is even getting the moves down better too.
Her favorite part of the class is at the end.  Miss Sarah brings all the girls into a small circle an talks to them about worshiping God with dance.  Then she turns the lights down and turns on some praise music and the girl just worship.  Awesome!
Now, enjoy some of her beautiful movements in still:

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matt & pj said...

We are doing free dance this year through Herman Sons. We bought insurance policies for about $8 per month and the dance classes are free. I am sure there is one in your area. Call me tomorrow and I will give you more info. Love and miss you!!!!! PJ