Monday, May 17, 2010

My latest craft....

I have had so much fun with my latest project!  I was making gifts for the teachers at Mother's Day Out.  I found a website with this great idea and went with it.  I got pretty creative, I think.  Selah and I went to get the material that would make the project perfect for each teacher.  I took some pictures of everything as I went.

My little helper... she just had to get her hands in there somehow.  I told her to measure the fabric.

Once all the yoyo's were made, I could really make all the styles different and decide how to put them together.

The finished product... I punched holes in some card stock and wrote a little note to each teacher.
We handed them out today and I think they all liked them.
Love making gifts for people... love it even more when they enjoy them.


Mrs. Hill-O'Shields said...

I LOVE mine! Thanks again :)

The Mershawn's said...

SO cute! Good job crafty girl! :) So fun...