Thursday, June 18, 2009

Almost Here!

Modeling tutus at the baby shower! Too Cute!!!!

I am now just days away from 40 weeks and can't wait to hold this baby girl. We have finished preparations that needed to be done (in my mind) and I feel more at ease with her arrival. The nursery is painted and the furniture is put together and placed inside the room. I haven't gotten stuff to decorate the walls and stuff yet, but trust me it will be done soon!
Today has been the first day that I can actually feel the delivery coming soon... I have had contractions throughout the day, but nothing regular that can be kept track of.
Things for Selah are pretty much ready to go as well. I am so glad she and I have had a few chances this week to hang out and have fun. One of my biggest prayers is for her to make this transition well.... it would break my heart to feel left out or replaced, or any of those things you hear about the first child having issues with when a new baby arrives.
So, I will end this post with a new belly photo and some pictures of the nursery.... keep in mind that all we have is the furniture and bedding, no decor yet, but it will be there soon... she won't be in there for a while anyway.

Selah has loved helping get Rinnah's room ready.


Hill-O'Shields said...

Super cute!

The Mershawn's said...

That girl cracks me up:)! Such a nut, and a big help.
The room is really cute, great job. I remember putting finishing touches on P's room after she was like 3 months old! Ha! You guys relax and enjoy life as 3, and we'll be praying for you:).