Thursday, January 8, 2009

Selah's visit to the ENT.

Our sweet girl has battled allergies, asthma, sleeping and breathing problems most of her 2 1/2 years on this earth. She has also had many strep infections, it seems like one after another. So yesterday we went to visit the friendly, neighborhood ENT. I really liked him, very nice and gentle with Selah.
The conclusion was she has very big tonsils, and if those are big then the adenoids probably are as well. Evidently, you have to have five or more infections to qualify having your tonsils out. Selah barely missed that one. But he did say that removing them would solve all her problems!
The doctor put Selah on Singulair to solve the nasal issues. If that doesn't work we will have to result to removing some human anatomy (which is always a last resort in medicine).
This is where her dear Daddy and I come to a cross-roads. He thinks with a math mind and I with a medical mind. Surgery should always be the final straw, especially when your fragile daughter is involved. But, James disagrees. If surgery will fix the problem, then do that and avoid all the prescription costs.
I am at a loss! Right now we are trying the meds to see what happens, but I wold love some guidance from experienced parents out there.
Thanks and God bless!


The Mershawn's said...

Hey your post today, and thought I'd drop you some info:). Now, I'm NOT wise in the parental ways yet, but I know someone who would have helpful information for you. Dondi Hampton from church has a daughter with major allergy/sinus/gunk:) problems and she had the same surgery they're talking about for Selah, and Dondi kissed the feet of the surgeon thanks to the results:)!! Anyway, look her up if you need some words of wisdom, and if you don't know her, I'd be glad to introduce you!

matt & pj said...

hello! so sorry selah is battling this...trinity went through similar stuff and her tonsils were removed at 3 years old. a little older than selah. granted the surgery and seeing your child go through that was terrible BUT we came out with flying colors, and WONDERFUL sleeping patterns. since then, we have had only a few bouts with inhalers and singulair. life is GREAT. love and miss you. pj

Tiff said...

Thanks for the info so far... Amber, I do know Dondi and never thought to ask her, so thanks. PJ, I had no idea T had her tonsils out. It's good to know the results were so wonderful!
Love you all,

Tina Certain said...

Hey Tiffany! Just wanted to share my story. At the age of 2 I had three trips to the ER with febrile seizures. After many tests, the determined it was my tonsils and adenoids. They were removed and to quote my mom I was "like a different child." :o)

I'm right there with you for wanting to exhaust all other avenues before surgery! Nothing wrong with that.

Good luck!

Tina (Parker's Grammie) :o)