Friday, April 13, 2012


That describes my feeling when I opened the dryer at 8:30 pm the night before Millah's dedication at church.  Her dress was in there, it was the perfect dress.  There were also 3 white cardigans for the girls.
There was also a purple and orange crayon in the dryer....
Have you ever seen a mom freak out!  I was freaking out!  Thank God that my best friend Jenna was there to calm me down and jump on google for some help.  She also kept me from attacking my child!
It was also very good that our men were already in town running some errands.  She found a solution online that didn't hurt to try.  Got the boys to pick up a few items.
Then the race was on.  How quickly can we get this to work out... or just call it a loss.
The main trick was a product called LA's Totally Awesome.  And let me tell you, it was totally awesome!
I just dumped half the bottle in very hot water in the washing machine and let the dress and cardigans soak for about 30 minutes.  I did a little bit of pretreating with the LA's before soaking it though (spray a bit and do small circles with an old tooth brush).
Then I washed the stuff in the LA's, then did an extra wash and rinse with detergent.  Then pulled it out to dry and the crayon was............
Yay!  Finally at about midnight I put the dress and cardigans into the dryer and went to bed.
Millah was beautiful the next day for her special dedication back to the Lord, and I found my new favorite product in the world.
Then, about a week later, I had the energy to attack the whole entire load of crayon streaked clothes.

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k a t y said...

I can't believe that it was your whites plus her dress! I got most of mine out, but I think I'll go get some of that to have on hand as well--thanks for the tip!