Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dancing with Baby Jesus

Selah and Rinnah had their Chrismas dance recital a few weeks ago and it was precious.  They had matching tutus and matching tights, so I had to coordinate Millah too!
My little ballerinas did great.  Selah had a tap and ballet dance to do, and I think she did well on both.  At one point she was the only dancer that remembered a certain part and kept looking at her teacher with a very confused look.  They had made a circle and were supposed to do some steps far a part, then come in close together.  All the other girls just had way too much fun going in and out to remember there were steps involved too!  Poor Selah.  She was lost.  Later she told me that the other dancers in her class forgot that part, but she remembered because she really liked it.
Rinnah is such a different story.  Her class came on stage lost!  There were almost 2 dozen 2 and 3 year olds roaming around on stage while two adults tried to put them in their places.  They would place a girl, turn to another one and the first little girl would wander off.  That in itself was entertaining! Rinnah found a good spot to just twirl in circles, so much that she fell down from being dizzy. 
They finally decided it was pointless, just play the music and get on with it.... Oh, Rinnah.
She moved her way to front and center, and for some reason looked behind her... oh, no, she spotted the manger scene fully equipped with hay and a baby Jesus.
She initiated the romping in the hay and had a whole posse of ballerinas back there with her.  I was mortified, but couldn't help smiling... that's my Rinn.
I love watching my girls be... my girls.  Each of them is so different and special in their own way.
They make me happy to be their mommy.

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