Sunday, April 10, 2011


Millah is 2 months old today.  I can't even believe it's been 2 months already!  She is a great baby... I guess that's a good thing since she is #3.  A lot has been going on around here.  Rinnah got sick with strep and I was so worried that Millah would get it too, but she didn't!  Instead she got a little cold virus that had her congested and coughing for a while.  She is doing much better now though. 
We went on our first long car ride with 3 kids.  That was interesting, and I made the decision that we will be limiting our trips like that, atleast until she is a bit older.  It wasn't that bad, but you know, why make things harder than you have to! 
The big girls are doing great with the new addition.  They are learning their limitations and their new position in the family.  Rinnah has really taken on the protector role, and Selah is still a wonderful helper.  I love my big girls, so proud of them. 
Millah, as I said, is a great baby.  She was sleeping 5 hours or more at night at 4 or 5 weeks.  Then she got sick and she had a really hard time, but the last few nights she had gone from her last feeding at night (usually around 10 or 11) until 6 or so in the morning!  I know, I'm blessed with good sleepers.  She is growing like a little weed too!  She is finally around 8 pounds now.  We are so thankful for her health, even with being so bitty, she had gained really well (almost 3 pounds in 2 months!)

Here are some pics of what's been going on the last few months.
Millah at 10 days old, no bigger than a football!  She was about to her birth weight again.

The big girls and daddy had some hot tub time at my mom and dad's house.

Rinnah loves playing with this little car while we are there.

My three girls... so precious.

"The Itsy Bitsy Spider"  The big sisters do so good occupying Millah.

They each love their own time with Millah.  Rinnah looks so big!

Sweet little Curly Sue, almost 2 months old here.

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