Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Years and it's not any easier...

A picture of my Granny and Papa.
I can't believe it's been 2 years since Papa's death and almost one year since Granny died. For Papa,it was sudden, a very unforgettable time for our family. I can still hear his laugh when something really funny happens, and I often catch a whiff of his scent, a mixture of cough drops and Skoal.
It seems like that was a turning point for our family. Everything is described as before or after Papa's death. We still think of him daily as there are many items around the house that he made with his own hands.
Sadly, we lose sight of the direction of our lives or what the point of it all is. I was reminded of this recently with the death of another dear and funny man just yesterday.
We should live each day to the Glory of the Lord and not allow our pride and arrogance keep us from making sour relationships better. Too often we let our selfishness dictate our lives and relationships with others, instead it should be Christ who lives in us directing and guiding our attitudes and actions.
My prayer right now is just that, for my attitudes and actions to be Christ-like. I miss my Papa, but am thankful and looking forward to the day I see his smile again.

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