Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Target and Walgreens

I had my little helper pose with the great deals I got today...
I had $3 RR that I really wanted to spend, so I took advantage of the Johnson and Johnson body wash BOGO (especially since i was almost out at home) and I had tow $1 Qs. I had to add two more piddly things that were $.24 each that will end up being part of a birthday gift for this weekend.
The total OOP was $1.59!!!

Target- Paired their sales with their coupons plus Manufacturer Qs.
Bounce bars $3.74- 1.50 Q- 1 Q
Tide Stain release $3.24- 1.50 Q- 1.00 Q
All Small & Mighty travel size $1.02 - $1 Q
Tide travel size $.97 - $.75 Q
Crystal Light travel size by checkout $.68 Clearanced- $2/2 Q
Total OOP $4.50
So excited about all these items. The travel laundry soap will be great for when we are out of town or vacations. These are things I would love to buy, but never for the price they usually are!
So much fun, as I took the change from the guy at Target I told Selah "Momma did good today!" he just looked at me and grinned almost in shock of what he had just seen.... and heard!

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Tina said...

hmmm... very interested on how you were able to get such great deals!! :)